DIY: Upcycled Jars

One item on my “12 before 2012” list is to “Buy myself some washi tape and then put tape on everything.” This is inspired by iHannah’s Blog on 49 Creative Things You Can Do Today. I sort of “cheated” since I already have bought enough washi tapes to last me for a while and already done one project.

However, I shall not stop at just one item since I’m supposed to put tape on everything:p So I put washi tape on 2 jars (and lace for a jar).

I took a leaf from a page in my friend’s craft book for the festive mood red jar (though the book’s project is to upcycle an unused drinking glass). I probably use one as a “journal jar” and the other as a “Christmas memory jar”.


One thought on “DIY: Upcycled Jars

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