DIY: From Earrings to Sweater Clips

In my earlier post last week, I was inspired to create a version of cardigan clips after reading Much Love and Stylepint.
These clips were popular from late 1920s to 1950s (see Illusion Jewels blog.)

While Much Love taught us to recreate the cardigan clips with a pair of clip-on earrings and a small chain, I prefer the vintage look in Stylepint. So I created a fusion of these 2 ideas.

Besides sweater and cardigan, you can attach the clips to the collar of shirt/blouse. Have not test drive this piece as the chain appears to be slightly longer and there may be a need to shorten it.

The pair of vintage earrings (new old stock) is from a shop called “Tokyo” in People’s Park Food Centre. First, I add a double ring to each end of a short chain (from Beadspin). Then I attach the chain to the clips of the earrings, which are instantly repurposed into a pair of cardigan/ sweater clips. It’s easy peasy as I only use my fingers to attach the 3 materials without any pliers.

With the double rings attached to the chain, this makes it easy to detach or interchange the chain with the clip earrings. So I’m thinking of getting another chain with pearls or crystals to play with different looks. It’s getting very exciting and fun to create a simple vintage fashion piece.


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