Christmas Gift Wrapping

Oh mine! It’s 49 days to Christmas 2011. It’s time to start Christmas tree decoration and making/buying a wreath. I don’t have a passion for wrapping presents because I’m not creative in gift wrapping plus I find it not environmentally friendly and resources consuming (time, money and manpower). Normally, I will be happy if the stores provide free wrapping service especially when it’s an odd shape/size present.

After reading hello sandwich’s blog on Gift Wrapping, I’ve second thought. She even have a THEME for Christmas wrapping! And planned it months in advance!

I also look at her other blog posts on Zine (hello sandwich: Hello Sandwich Gift Wrapping Zine Launch!) and gift wrapping book made with 2 other authors (hello sandwich: Wrapping). In view of the time constraint (Christmas is very near!) I could only steal some of her ideas.

(1) Collecting odd pieces of ribbons and trims in a box throughout the year for tying gifts as well as making bows and gift tag ties (it’s too late and I could only do it for 2012 :p)

(2) Using recycled paper or wallpaper off-cuts for interesting wrapping (it’s too late as I don’t have recycled paper to begin with. Have to buy wrapper).

(3)  Making gift tags from scanning custom Christmas card design or favourite image, scaling it down to gift tag size. Or use little cardboard off-cuts or manila tags and stamp the recipient’s name. (Can only try to stamp recipient’s name.)

(4) Saving off-cuts of gift wrap and use them as a kind of belly band or feature strip on other gifts to add a nice contrast to the main gift wrap. (Will try.)

(5) Making paper bag

(6) Investing in some pretty tapes such as mt tapes.

(7) Using ideas from a Japanese gift wrapping book

Lastly, I’ll try to get hold of her zine and book when I’m in Japan next year.


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