Midori Traveler’s Notebook

I only know about Midori Traveler’s Notebook when I was still in China in May this year. My staff pointed out to me a Taobao website showing the beautiful leather notebook. However, I didn’t notice it when I was in Japan 😦

To me, Midori Traveler’s Notebook is a combination of a Moleskin and a Filofax for creative purpose (journaling and drawing) and organizing our lives. It has a roughly hand cut leather cover with paper refills in options of lined, grid and plain papers, a travel diary, special drawing paper. These refills can be notebooks on itself, without the leather cover. Midori encourages you to personalized the leather notebook and make it your own. I’ve been following the photo post where Midori Traveler’s Notebook users post photos of their personalized notebook.

When I was in Seoul in June, I found it in a bookshop but I still did not buy it. Finally, I saw it in Itoya in Tokyo this September. Yet I still didn’t buy it. However, I succumbed to buying the refills, which are 2 passport size plain notebooks in red and kraft as well as a card cum zipper file.

I still think the entire set including the leather cover is beyond my budget. The reason being that there’re so many add ons, and I’ll be tempted to hoard them and not use it. Another reason is that I may be limited to this notebook if I’ve invested in it. I love variety, so I do not want to limit myself to one notebook.

Now, Midori’s TRAVELER’S NOTEBOOK 2012 DIARY is available in NBC Stationery and Gifts, which is in downtown Singapore. I hope I’m not tempted to buy it.


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