DIY: From Scrap to Bookmark

Do you have pieces of paper scraps lying around as a result of your scrapbooking, card-making or paper craft work? Inspired by Wild Olive‘s project using printables and my 3 magnetic bookmarks, I upcycle a piece of paper scrap  into a bookmark.

The simple project takes less than 5 mins following the 6 steps below.

(1) Cut a piece of double-sided patterned paper with a dimension of 4cm by 10cm. (The dimension can be adjusted to suit individual preference).

(2) Fold it into half and score.

(3) Stick a piece of adhesive magnet (from Daiso) to one side of the scrap (inner bottom).

(4) Take another piece of magnet and attach it to the first magnet in (3) by magnetic attraction. (To ensure the 2 magnets will snap together nicely and not shift).

(5) Press down the “top” paper so that it will stick to the adhesive side of the second magnet.

(6) To add interest, you can stamp on the “cover” of the bookmark.

The above shows the bookmark holding onto a page. I like magnetic bookmark because it will snap close with less possibilities of dropping or losing it.


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