Personalised Moleskin

My only Moleskin is a pink Moleskin Volant Pocket Plain. I bought it in Shibuya’s Loft when I was in Tokyo  in summer 2009. I was first attracted by its color and nice price.

I love to buy notebooks/journals and hoard them. I think it’s time to break them after more than 2 years. Borrowing the idea from  49 Creative things You Can Do Today | iHanna’s Blog, I decide to alter my Moleskin and make it my own

Although it’s in fuchsia pink, it is pretty plain. I want to break my new washi tape and stickers, all bought in Nagoya in February this year. This journal will bring back fond memories of my Japan trips. I also break my blue Dymo tape as I intend to print some words.

I didn’t start out with any idea for I just want to paste my stickers and washi tape. I think blue against pink is nice 🙂 Along the way, I toy with the cliche “Eat, Pray, Love” and “Live, Laugh, Love”. I finalise the order of words as “Love”, “Pray”, “Eat” and added a sticker “thank you”. I’ve not decided what to write in this journal though it’s likely to revolve around these words.

I’ve not used a Moleskin before but my friend JT raved about it because it’s very easy to write compared to other brands. I always buy notebook/journal with blank pages (no lines) because I don’t like to “toe the line” 😛


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