Altered A4 Notebook

I’ve this Muji A4 Lined Notebook for more than 10 years. Looking at 3 deco tapes bought from Korea in 2007, in a spur of a moment, I tape over the plain Kraft cover of the A4 Notebook. I also add a blue bookbinding tape along the book spine to “update” the look as the original book spine is brown.

I love the deco tapes which are transparent with prints and words. Plus it’ll water-proofed the notebook.

In our humid weather, the Muji Notebook still looks new is a miracle in itself as my other notebooks are attacked by mould. While I am a fan of Muji, I don’t know what to do with the notebook after receiving it at an office Christmas gift exchange. As the gift exchange was conducted by lucky dips, nobody has the faintest idea who is the giver or the receiver except for gift budget. Therefore, sometime a person is saddled with a “useless gift” for the longest time.

I’m happy now that I found a new use for this notebook (though not really literally take notes with it).


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