12 Before 2012

My list of 12 before 2012 is based on iHanna’s blog on 49 Creative things You Can Do Today | iHanna’s Blog. I’m progressing pretty well and have done 8 out 12 items as follows:

  1. Tweet this Creativity List to your friends and spread the joy further (Done. Also “press” this post.)
  2. Make your own list of things you want to create or try next year and post your link/comment below (Done)
  3. Buy yourself some washi tape and then put tape on everything (Done. See post “From Chocolate to Jewelry” , Upcycled Jars and Wooden Peg)
  4. Make a library pocket from recycled paper (Done)
  5. Alter your Moleskine cover and make it your own (Done)
  6. Ponder if you are introvert and then give your self creative time alone if you need it (I’m an introvert and have creative time alone.)
  7. Meditate – just sit and breath for a while and free some space inside (that’s easy to do)
I only need to work on the following 5 items for December since I’m going to be busy during Christmas period.
  1. Create Evidence pages when you get new materials
  2. Write down quotes from books you are reading and save them in a notebook
  3. Create a grid of pretty papers
  4. Start a long-term project – said to increases happiness greatly
  5. List Projects you’ve finished in your life

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