Otona no Enpitsu (大人の鉛筆)

I just bought an “Otona no Enpitsu” (大人の鉛筆) which literally means ‘Adult Pencil’ from Kinokuniya (紀伊国屋). It is the winner of the Japanese Best Stationery Award (Design) in ISOT 2011.

This award-winning stationery is made in Japan by Kitaboshi (北星) Pencil Company to celebrate its 60th anniversary. The pencil body is made of a high quality incense cedar and it has a 2mm broad pencil lead (in HB, B, 2B and red) that needs a specially designed sharpener to sharpen the tip.

In essence, it is a mechanical pencil with a thick lead. Nowadays, most of us are so used to typing or keying into our electronic gadgets. Even for some of us, we seldom use a pen for writing. Using pencil is like going back to the basic, the good old day. Hope to rediscover the joy of writing (and sketching) again!

For more information, please check nbc website on 大人の鉛筆 -Otona no Enpitsu- or Kitaboshi website.


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