Projects in My Life

I’m trying to strike off another item on my 12 before 2012 is based on iHanna’s blog on 49 Creative things You Can Do Today | iHanna’s Blog.

Today, I’m going to “List Projects I’ve finished in my life”. Strictly speaking, I’ve not done much on a BIG project basis but small projects still count right?

  1. “Cross-stitch poster” with poem and flowers. Tedious and straining my eyes. After this project, I quit cross-stitching.
  2. A birthday present for my sister, which is a bragbook of my sister and I with quotes and our photos of us through the years. One hit wonder as photos are not in digital format and need to scan and print. Looking for quotes is another big task.
  3. Travel scrapbook pages with my girl friends to Siam Reap in 2006. Another one hit wonder as I never scrap anymore 😛
  4. A small farewell booklet for every colleague in my department in my ex-company. One hit wonder as I never made that for my other colleagues anymore:p
  5. A mobile during art class when I was 11 years old using everyday materials. I was very environmental friendly even when I was young.
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