The week after Christmas and Boxing Day could be slow-moving for most of us at work and at home. Yet, it could also be a busy week for reflection, making new resolutions and spring cleaning to usher in a brand new year.

Today is the last 4 days before 2011 ends. As our new vintage corner, which was started after we retrofit our aunty’s vintage sewing machine, has been left untouched for more than 3 months. Today I clean the shelves and do something to the bare dividers.

The main task is to fit lace curtains to cover the shelves. We intentionally leave a shelf “uncovered” as we intend to make it a displace shelf for different occasions, like Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easters.

The mini transformation to a 50s, 60s look costs us S$22. We bought 11 items from Daiso (every item S$2) to cover the shelves. It’s a fun and simple project. We are thankful that the 3 pieces of curtains come in the right width and length without a need to sew.

Will work on the sewing machine another day.


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