Hello 2012

2012 has finally arrived!

There are a few things to begin the first day of the year. First, I want to start a 365 daily photo project so that I can fulfill one of my 12 resolutions for 2012, i.e. use my cameras once a week. I’m using my Digital Harinezumi Triple Plus for today’s photo, which is a journal, the item to start the year.

It’s THE time to start a new diary/journal so that I can journal a line a day, which is also my resolution. This journal was meant for my 1 year stint in China given by a close friend. I put it in a box for courier which was late by a few weeks. I didn’t use it then and it’s still wrapped in plastics! It has gone on a return trip to China. So instead I decide to keep it for 2012 which I think it’s a more special year to me!

The journal can start at any point in the year for a new job (my friend’s original intention), or a new lease on life. I figure it’s more right for 2012 (trying to give excuse for not using it early :P) since it’ll be a new lease as well as a new phase of life.

Oh then I realize this year is a leap year, i.e. there are 366 days instead of the usual 365 days LOL…short of one page!

Today, I can check off a few of my resolutions beside the two resolution mentioned above:

  1. Drink at least a bottle of water daily (done)
  2. Walk at least 10 minutes daily (went shopping :P)
  3. Eat one green/fruit daily (done)
  4. Blog once a week (done 2 blogs today!)
  5. Eat with family at least once a week (dinner)

However, I need to persevere for one week, then one month then another month…until end of 2012 shall I say I’ve kept my resolutions!

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