Happy New Year Again – Two New Years in a month

This year Lunar or Chinese New Year is early. It falls on January instead of the usual February. While most countries celebrate New Year’s Day on 1 January, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Korea celebrate their New Year according to the Chinese/Lunar calendar. Japan used to celebrate New Year’s Day by the Chinese calendar but from 1873, they changed to the solar calendar. In Singapore, we celebrate both New Years 🙂

While we take a short breather after Christmas and New Year. I have to start spring cleaning which is also a Chinese custom. I started with my messy desk.

It improves slightly after some decluttering. Now, I could  at least see the top of my desk 😛

Next is putting up a pair of Chinese couplet on the door of our apartment, which is easy.

Then have to do up the new vintage corner,

I’ve updated one of the shelves of the divider with a pair of handmade clay figurines from Wuxi (China), a Naruko Kokeshi doll (Japan), a Yanakawa embroidered ball with sakura/cherry blossom (Japan), and a purple pyramid glass paperweight from Liuligongfang as well as a Chinese knot and a Chinese greeting card for the festive feel.

Although I have a few plants, I bought some flowers yesterday to add more colors. While RED is the color for Chinese New Year, I decided on a purple themed flowers bouquet instead (since Christmas is red too).

Last but not least, I’ve bought new clothes and get my nails done in Divine Swine.

I’m ready for Chinese New Year tomorrow! Happy New Year!

Chinese New Year is celebrated for 15 days especially in China but in Singapore we only have 2 days of public holiday. Nonetheless, this does not stop us from celebrating with relatives and friends, usually eating goodies and sweets. This year is Dragon year!

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