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12 Before 2012

My list of 12 before 2012 is based on iHanna’s blog on 49 Creative things You Can Do Today | iHanna’s Blog. I’m progressing pretty well and have done 8 out 12 items as follows: Tweet this Creativity List to your friends and spread the joy further (Done. Also “press” this post.) Make your own list of … Continue reading

Personalised Moleskin

Personalised Moleskin

My only Moleskin is a pink Moleskin Volant Pocket Plain. I bought it in Shibuya’s Loft when I was in Tokyo  in summer 2009. I was first attracted by its color and nice price. I love to buy notebooks/journals and hoard them. I think it’s time to break them after more than 2 years. Borrowing the … Continue reading

49 Creative Things To Do

49 Creative things You Can Do Today | iHanna’s Blog. I stumbled upon iHanna’s blog 2 days ago. And was rather fascinated by the list. Oh well, I must say most are easy to do but I need the motivation! So I shall start with a list of “12 before 2012” so as to make … Continue reading